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Here you will find some basic information
to help you find safe, smoke-free lodging as you travel
when a smoke-free hotel is not available.

How to avoid breathing secondhand tobacco smoke in a hotel or motel.

After once wrongly "assuming" all upscale hotels would have completely separate smoke-free floors, and as my travel needs increased I learned that many hotels continue to mix smoking and non-smoking rooms on the same floors.

Here are some tips on how to protect your health when 100% smoke-free hotels are not available.

Always call in advance (even if on the road at the last minute), and explain about your desire to protect your health, especially if you have a chronic illness, and that under no circumstances do you wish to be exposed to any amount of smoke. I have yet to have a desk clerk not tell the truth, and even admit whether they will or will not enforce their smoking policies.

Continue to call until you find one that will have a corner of rooms that are surrounded by all smoke-free rooms (including above and below). Even some of the smaller motels now restrict all smoking rooms to just a few in a corner of the top floor.

Check or ask if the room will be exposed to smoke traveling through open atriums connected to other floors or down hallways if smoking is on the opposite side of the building

Be sure they don't have a bar or restaurant inside the lobby that allows smoking.

If you do find yourself with smoke coming into your room make them find you another room where you will be safe, no matter how late it is.

The most important factor is finding lodging that it is safe from tobacco smoke.

*** Please note that many smoke-free hotels allow smoking on the balconies or patios.  Hotels may wish to consider providing separate buildings where smoking on the balconies or patios is not permitted so guests can enjoy their accommodations with the windows open.

We hope you will email us with any hotels or motels you have found that have a 100% ban on smoking.

Please come back each time you travel to see if we have located smoke-free overnight accommodations at your destinations. 

Please let us know if you find we have an error, and have incorrectly listed a hotel as smoke-free. We will provide as much information concerning their smoke-free policies as we have available.

All content regarding listing hotels is provided by the listing hotels. Neither nor, LLC, endorses or recommends any listing hotel nor does either make any representation or warranty regarding the quality of services offered by any listing hotel nor is a smoke-free environment guaranteed.

Because hotels are bought and sold on a regular basis, it is possible that a hotel listed and/or linked on may have chosen to once again permit smoking. Please be sure to verify their non-smoking status before booking reservations.

Although most hotels listed on have a large fine for smoking inside the rooms, it is not uncommon to find that someone has chosen to smoke against the rules. Be sure to contact management immediately if you think you smell smoke while staying in a smoke-free hotel. Some smoke-free hotels have chosen not to remodel the previously smoked-in rooms. Be sure to ask for a room that was previously non-smoking. 

How to avoid breathing secondhand tobacco smoke in a hotel or motel when there are no smoke-free hotels.

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