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Comfort Inn Hotel Brand Announces It Will Go Smoke-Free Across the U.S.: 9/10/15 Comfort becomes the largest U.S. hotel brand to make important wellness change

All content regarding listing hotels is provided by the listing hotels. Neither nor, LLC, endorses or recommends any listing hotel nor does either make any representation or warranty regarding the quality of services offered by any listing hotel nor is a smoke-free environment guaranteed.

Because hotels are bought and sold on a regular basis, it is possible that a hotel listed and/or linked on may have chosen to once again permit smoking. Please be sure to verify their non-smoking status before booking reservations.

Although most hotels listed on have a large fine for smoking inside the rooms, it is not uncommon to find that someone has chosen to smoke against the rules. Be sure to contact management immediately if you think you smell smoke while staying in a smoke-free hotel. Some smoke-free hotels have chosen not to remodel the previously smoked-in rooms. Be sure to ask for a room that was previously non-smoking. 

How to avoid breathing secondhand tobacco smoke in a hotel or motel when there are no smoke-free hotels.

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